DIY Web Design Doesn’t Cut It. Here’s Why.

Don’t take our word for it! Checkout this post from Entrepreneur Next. Excerpt Below.

As an enterprising manager or business owner, you may feel lured by the siren songs of DIY website builders. 

It happens easily. Almost every major web-hosting platform offers a DIY builder. At first glance, these tools appear to rain financial savings on businesses small and large alike. After all, why would you hire a website designer when you can spend an evening using an affordable plug-and-play template to customize the site yourself? 

The danger with DIY website designers is the potential for them to trick you into believing you possess the skills, judgment, and insight necessary to design a website that is not only functional, but excellent in comparison to others in your market (all while saving piles of cash). This concept is pretty, but unfortunately, this may be a bit of a pipe dream, unless you just so happen to have the training of a professional web designer. 

A website built from a custom template can be useful as a placeholder while you wait for your web designer to complete a fully-functional digital representation of your business—but you should never rely on these inexpensive templates in the long term. Website design and management is a deeply strategic and fickle art form that is far from easy to master. 

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