Artists are getting us through COVID-19. Never question their value again

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If this crisis is an opportunity for change, let’s start paying artists their dues.

Most of the country is in lockdown, attempting to slow the spread of COVID-19. And it’s led many of us to reflect not only on the current moment but also on what comes next. If there will be an “after” COVID-19, the world will be fundamentally changed. (Yes, I said “if.”) 

There’s a question that I’ve noticed coming up a lot lately: what kind of new world do we want to build? Part of the answer lies in reflecting on what we don’t want to continue. I suggest that in this new iteration, we stop devaluing artists’ worth.

If you told me a month ago that I would be spending my evenings re-watching the pilot episode of The Walking Dead, jotting down tips for non-violent survival tools (transistor radio, walkie talkies, bolt cutters?), I would have laughed — a lot. But the world looks different today than it did just a few weeks earlier. 

The things we once took for granted seem more fragile and fleeting than ever before. I’ve only been able to stop myself from descending into a rabbit hole of existential despair and irrational paranoia by basking in live duets between Deborah Cox and Tamia, or watching Christopher Paunil create ridiculously stylish COVID-19 masks. I’ve spent mornings reading the words of M. NourbeSe Philip, evenings struggling to keep up with Esie Mensah’s dance moves and nights jamming down to sets by some of Toronto’s finest DJs